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Our website is here to help you understand what the ITV Ventures™' Income Opportunity is all about. And, in our blog below, we'll be chronicling our day-to-day adventures as an independent business owner (IBO) for ITV Ventures™.

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Our ITV Ventures™ Opportunity Blog

ITV Ventures Closing

ITV Ventures will be closing its doors at the end of September.
The good news is that you can still purchase most of their products from our website. We have made an arrangement with a distributor of ITV Ventures products, so you can order most products from our distributor.
Order ITV Products

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ITV Ventures Ending

ITV Ventures recently announced that it will cease taking customer orders as of October 1, 2008.  According to founder Donald Barrett, existing Independent Business Owners of ITV can go to EVS Group and pre-register for a new opportunity.
Apparently that opportunity also involves taking phone orders from home, which orders were generated by television infomercials. There […]

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Naked Minerals Commission Increased

Naked Minerals Product Line now offers an additional 15% commission!
ITV Ventures has put together special pricing for the Naked Minerals product line. IBOs will now receive an additional 15% commission on products sold, or receive an additional 15% off any orders they place for themselves in the back office.
* The pricing to each IBO’s […]

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IBO Only Call

If you are an IBO and were unable to participate in last Wednesday night’’s IBO-Only Call, you missed quite a bit of important, informative information about ITV Ventures. On the call, ITV Ventures founder and CEO, Donald Barrett, addressed and clarified many issues and outlined the plan for the way forward.
Over the next 30 to […]

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August Holiday

Just to let you know we will be on holiday most of August, so we won’t be posting here as often as we have in the past.
We will still try each week or so to post an update on our blog about  any news concerning ITV Ventures, so please continue to check in regularly.  We […]

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Two New Almighty Cleanse Offers

We are pleased to announce there are two new offerings available if you order Almighty Cleanse Formulas 1 & 2.
1) For only $89.95 plus shipping and handling, you can receive the additional cleansing products in the Almighty Cleanse line, including:
* Formula 3 for the Liver/Gallbladder
* Formula 4 for the Kidneys and Bladder
* Formula 5 For […]

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New Improved Solarcal-D

We are excited to announce that ITV Ventures has recently reformulated the popular SOLARCAL-D to be even better.
It now comes in a vegetarian capsule, which has allowed them to increase the purity level of the already high-grade coral calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D.
Coral Calcium comes from fossilized coral reefs, and SOLARCAL-D contains the highest quality […]

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Ohio, California, Missouri, North Carolina Training

IBOs can attend live Opportunity Meetings and IBO Trainings across the U.S. this summer - in Ohio, California, Missouri, and North Carolina!
Join ITV Ventures this summer as they present the revolutionary ITV Ventures Open Opportunity Presentation and IBO Trainings live all across the U.S. Look below to find a meeting near you. Don’t miss these […]

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July 17 BEST Training Webinar

Join ITV Ventures on Thursday, July 17, for the B.E.S.T. Training Webinar at 8 PM and the Product Training Call at 9 PM Eastern.
This Thursday, join B.E.S.T. Co-Founder, Carl Messina, Executive Vice President, Stacy Rosas, and B.E.S.T. Associates, Scott Giorgini and David Friend. B.E.S.T. has teamed with Julie McLewee, ITV Ventures National Training Director, to […]

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New Products Available

Some announcements from ITV Ventures about new products:
1. ITV Ventures has replenished stock on its wildly popular Total Living CoQ10!
2. New products now available:
* New! Naked Minerals Moisture Prep
* New! Naked Minerals Lipstick – Feisty
* New! Naked Minerals Lipstick – Stunning
3. Be on the lookout for this new Naked Minerals product, coming soon:
* Naked Minerals […]

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Cruise for Life with ITV Ventures

There are a limited number of cabins still available for IBOs on this September’s Cruise for Life. IBOs can contact the ITV Ventures Corporate Events team to reserve your space today!
CRUISE: Royal Caribbean’s 3-night Baja Mexico Cruise aboard the Monarch of the Seas&reg.
DATES/TIMES (all times are Pacific):
Depart 5:30 PM
Los Angeles, CA
Arrive 8:00 AM
Ensenada, Mexico
Depart 5:00 […]

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New Call Pop Layout

For those Independent Business Owners (IBOs) working in the Home Agent Program, ITV Ventures has made call pop shopping easier! The call pop feature has been redesigned for easier navigation. Rather than having to click on different product lines for your upsells/downsells, all product offers are displayed on each campaign page. These pages have been […]

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IBO Only Call - July 2

The first Wednesday of every month is when ITV Ventures has its monthly IBO only conference call.
Tonight, July 2, join the IBO-only call with Donald Barrett and Special Guest, Michael Gerber – Dial in to hear important company updates!
Attention all IBOs:
Please join ITV Ventures tonight for their monthly IBO-Only Call with ITV Ventures Founder and […]

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OAPs are Processed June 30

All IBOs should remember to check with your downlines to maximize your monthly commissions.
Please remember that all OAPs (Order Assurance Programs) will be processed Monday, June 30. OAPs are always processed on the last day of each month.
1. Ensure that all the IBOs in your downline have paid […]

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Attend In The Dreaming Room!

ITV Ventures and Donald Barrett have worked with Michael Gerber and the In The Dreaming Room team to create a very special, exclusive offer for IBOs. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity…
Why Attend?
* You will learn how to create a stunning world-class business.
* You will have the opportunity to spend two and a half […]

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Live Video Streams of Upcoming Events

IBOs can participate via live video stream for IBO training and Open Opportunity Meetings in Irving, Texas and Tampa, Florida.
If you or your guests can’t make it in person, you can now attend via live video stream! Please note that only IBOs can purchase the live video stream. However, this way you can host an […]

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Ask Dr. DeSilva June 24

All IBOs are invited to join ITV Ventures on Tuesday, June 24 at 8pm Eastern for the next “Ask Dr. DeSilva” Question and Answer call.
The subject will be “The Rich Nutrients of the Ocean: Omega-3s, Seaweed, and Calcium.”
Following the topic discussion there will be an open, live question and answer session with Derrick DeSilva Jr., […]

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Two ITV Ventures Announcements

Here are summaries of two recent ITV Ventures announcements:
1. Join ITV Ventures at 8pm Eastern on Tuesday, June 17 for the next “Ask Dr. DeSilva” Q & A call, where he will be discussing “The Real Truth about Vitamin E”. After the topic discussion they will have a live question and answer session with Derrick […]

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Attend the National Meeting in Nashville

The next ITV Ventures National Meeting will be held in Nashville, from October 10 to 12, 2008.
Nashville, TN
October 10-12, 2008
Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center
Regular Cost to Register: $249
Early Registration Cost: $199
Late Registration Cost: $299
Please note that IBOs who join ITV Ventures with the premiere package, between June 1 and Sept 15, 2008, are entitled […]

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Open Meetings in Irving, Tx and Tampa, Fl

ITV Ventures has announced that they will be holding IBO-Only Trainings and Open Opportunity Meetings in Irving, Texas and Tampa, Florida.
Join ITV Ventures Founder and CEO, Donald Barrett, for a live Open Opportunity Presentations and IBO Training. More speakers will be announced in the coming weeks. These are excellent opportunities to get insider business-building tips […]

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June IBO Only Phone Conference

In our last blog article we reported on the Niagara Falls convention and the announcements made the first day thereof by ITV Ventures.
To get a report of all the happenings from the convention which concluded on Sunday, we suggest that all IBOs listen in to the IBO-Only monthly phone call this evening, where Donald Barrett […]

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Dream Weekend - Friday Annoucements

Just a short note to provide you with a few of the announcements made so far by ITV Ventures at Donald Barrett’s Dream Weekend in Niagara Falls, New York.
Three of the highlights from the first day of the event:
- a new contract has been entered into whereby ITV Ventures infomercials will be made available in […]

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IBOs Frequently Asked Questions

From time to time we receive inquiries about the costs and the commissions an Independent Business Owner (IBO) pays and receives.
A good summary of these is summarized in the Frequently Asked Questions published by ITV Ventures. The FAQs discuss, amongst other things:
- the costs of becoming an IBO and maintaining one’s status
- the requirements of […]

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Watch All the ITV Ventures Infomercials

Now you can watch all of ITV Ventures video infomercials right on your own computer at home.
Simply go to ITV Ventures Infomercials, where you can see them all, including the infomercials for:
The Income Opportunity
Almighty Cleanse
hope for Pets
Naked Minerals
Natural Cures
Rice n Shine
It’s a great and convenient way to get familiar with all the excellent natural products […]

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New Business Management Center

If you are an Independent Business Owner (IBO) with ITV Ventures and you haven’t yet checked out the new Business Management Center (your Back Office) which debuted at the beginning of May, you really should.
The revised back office has a number of new features designed to help IBOs operate their ITV Ventures businesses, including a […]

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