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The Almighty Cleanse™

Here are some resources for learning more about the Almighty Cleanse™ and colon cleansing:

New Improved Almighty Cleanse!

The cleansing and detoxifying benefits of the 7-day Almighty Cleanse now have wildcrafted ingredients – better for you and the environment.

What are wildcrafted ingredients? “Wildcrafted” plants are carefully harvested from their unspoiled natural habitats. They are free from additives. Special care is taken to gather them with proper respect for the environment so as to leave behind a sustainable crop, making this new formulation better for you and better for the environment.

Your Purchase Options - From Just 66 Cents a Day!

New Almighty Cleanse involves two complimentary formulas (Formula One contains 45 small capsules and Formula Two has 140 small capsules). Each cleansing involves both Formula One and Formula Two (see below for more information about each formula).

It is recommended that you do one cleansing, each season of the year (4 cleansings per year). That will cost you just 66 cents a day.

You can order the new improved Almighty Cleanse in a variety of ways, including on the Order Assurance Program, where you will automatically receive both formulas, every 3 months, at a
discounted price (you can cancel at any time).

Here are your options:

- One Season Supply (contains both Formulas 1 and 2): $79.95

- One Season Supply on the Order Assurance Autoship Program (contains both Formulas 1 and 2): $79.95 for your first order and then $69.95/every 3 months

- 1 Bottle of Formula One: $49.95

- 1 Bottle of Formula Two: $49.95

- 1 Year Supply - Buy 3, Get 1 Free and Save $69.95 (contains both formulas, for 4 seasons): $209.85

Please click the following link for more information or to make your purchase: Order the Almighty Cleanse .

New Almighty Cleanse Products

Be sure to check out the 5 brand new Almighty Cleanse products:

  • Formula 3 - to support detoxification and normal function of the liver and gallbladder
  • Formula 4 - to support the healthy functioning of our kidneys and bladder
  • Formula 5 - to support the blood and circulatory system
  • Formula 6 - to support an overall body cleanse
  • Formula 7 - provides a full range of superfoods, to support your body

You can order Almighty Cleanse Formulas 3 through 7 here.

Why Colon Cleanse?

The colon is responsible for eliminating waste and impurities from your body. In a healthy, clean colon, elimination of waste material occurs on a regular basis. But when your colon becomes full of such material, the necessary elimination occurs with less frequency. In addition, like any other part of the body, the health of your colon will diminish as you age.

Without the proper elimination of waste, toxins and other harmful substances build up - creating a welcoming home for harmful bacteria. At the same time and as a consequence, the body can process fewer minerals and vitamins from the food you eat. Some people are thought to ingest a mere 10% of the valuable nutrients contained in their food.

The optimal balance of bacteria in the intestines for good health is estimated by some to be 80% beneficial bacteria and 20% harmful bacteria. But the typical person’s intestinal tract, as a result of the standard American diet (centered around refined foods, dairy and meat products) may contain as much as 80% harmful bacteria.

One solution offered to the problem is a regular colon cleanse.

Cleansing can clean out old layers of wastes and “unfreeze” the peristaltic muscles, so you can again self cleanse naturally.

After cleansing, many people find that they not only feel more energized, but that they are content eating a lot less food than they previously did – due to the improvement in how nutrients are absorbed into the body.

You can click on the following underlined link for a more detailed discussion of the process involved in a colon cleanse, as well as the potential benefits.

The Almighty Cleanse™ Process: Step One

Almighty Cleanse™ is a 2 step natural herbal formula designed to maximize one’s waste elimination while reducing the chances of cramping or diarrhea*.

In Step 1, toxins and fecal matter are removed from the body by stimulating your digestive system to clean itself through the ingestion of all-natural capsules.

On Day 1, Formula One is taken with dinner, accompanied by six or eight ounces of water. Each evening thereafter you gradually increase the dosage by one capsule, until you find that your bowel movements have increased in frequency or in size.* From this point, you simply maintain that dosage until Step 1 is completed.

This continues for 5 days, until the cleansing process is complete. Of course, every person’s constitution is unique, so you might need fewer or more days of cleansing. *

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The Almighty Cleanse™ Process: Step Two

In Step 2, you take Formula Two capsules throughout the day, to draws toxins and waste out of your body.* Step 2 commences at the same time in Step 1 that you notice the change in our bowel movements.*

Please note that if you are using the old Formula Two drink (rather than the new improved Formula Two capsules), a purifying drink is used to draws toxins and waste out of your body.* The drink contains blended botanicals and herbs - there are no preservatives or dyes. One level scoop of the Formula Two powder is mixed with 12 fluid ounces of your favorite juice. You drink this concoction 5 times daily, for 5 consecutive days (at least 2 hours between servings), either with or between your normal meals. You should also drink 8 eight-ounce glasses of water each day, to help flush out waste.

Written detailed instructions as to how to take Almighty Cleanse are included with every order.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Cleansing Plans

When you colon cleanse with each of the four seasons, you may not only feel better immediately after each cleanse, but you may discover the cleansing benefits carry over and help you feel rejuvenated year round.

Also, Danny Vierra has created 3 dietary cleansing plans designed to enhance the natural effectiveness of Almighty Cleanse™.

For all three plans the usual instructions for Steps 1 and 2 apply. Additionally, with each plan you should drink sixteen ounces of fresh lemon juice mixed with very warm water every morning.

Basic Plan: With all meals, try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables – especially fresh fruits in the morning, and broccoli, cucumber, carrot, radish and celery salads at lunch and dinner time. Also, refraining from junk food, fried foods and sodas will help.

Master Plan: Eliminate all meat, fish, poultry and dairy foods for the 7 days.

Almighty Plan: This is pretty difficult for most people – it involves drinking only fresh fruit and vegetable juices, raw uncooked fruits and vegetables, for the full 7 day period. Every couple of hours between the times when you have the Formula Two drink, drink twelve ounces of fresh juice. After the cleanse is complete, eat only small amounts of fresh fruits for breakfast and for lunch a fresh salad on days 8 and 9.

[*The above statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.]

Some Common Questions about Almighty Cleanse

Is Almighty Cleanse™ approved by the FDA?
Almighty Cleanse™ is a dietary supplement. Dietary supplements are not approved by the FDA. However, the facility that manufactures the product is regulated by the FDA. Also, the Federal Trade Commission and the Food and Drug Administration control the marketing of dietary supplements.

What testing has been done on Almighty Cleanse?
Double blind trials have shown that certain ingredients in Almighty Cleanse™ when taken at the dosages contained in Almighty Cleanse™ do promote the body’s eliminative functions.*

Can children under 18 take the Almighty Cleanse?

Can pregnant or nursing women use Almighty Cleanse?

Can people with medical conditions, or taking prescription medication, or already taking another colon cleanser, or with known allergies use Almighty Cleanse
They must consult with their physician before usage. Formula One contains black walnuts which can result in an allergic reaction in those with a history of tree nut allergic reactions.

Can people drink coffee or alcohol while on the program?
Coffee and alcohol should be avoided.

Are the Almighty Cleanse™ Formula One capsules natural?
Yes. They also contain no gluten.

What does the Formula Two drink taste like?
There is no taste.

Why is the Formula Two drink black in color?
Formula Two contains charcoal, which can aid in reducing toxins.

How long has Almighty Cleanse™ been on the market?
Created by Danny Vierra, Almighty Cleanse™ came to market in 2006.

What are the effects of the Almighty Cleanse?
Almighty Cleanse™ can help the body eliminate waste by promoting the volume and the frequency of bowel movements. People may feel lighter and have more energy.*

What are the side effects?
Some people will have stomach gurgling and cramping in response to the Almighty Cleanse.*

Should I continue taking Formula One once I am finished with Formula Two?


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Danny Vierra

Almighty Cleanse™ was invented by Danny Vierra. A respected authority in the health and nutrition world, Danny served as a Program Director at the Bella Vita Lifestyle Education Center and has also attended both the School of Natural Healing and the Herbal Symposium.

While at Bella Vita, he instructed classes in hydrotherapy, herbal cleansing, cooking as well as exercise instruction. Danny has appeared on hundreds of television programs and on the radio, instructing viewers and listeners as to the benefits of healthy living.

Danny also hosts a live radio show, Healthline. Healthline is heard on radio stations throughout the western U.S. and around the world through the Modern Manna website.

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