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WaferThin - Weight Reduction that Works!

The WaferThin™ weight reduction program consists of 3 separate components, which you synergistically combine to help you achieve and then maintain your desired weight level.

Developed by J.J. Meier over the course of the last several years, you’ll find the program both easy to use – and very effective. It is not a typical ‘deprivation’ diet.

. WaferThin™ wafers, to help curb your appetite:

The systems first component is a sweet (but sugar-free) chewable wafer – the WaferThin™ wafers themselves. You eat the tasty candy-like wafers with water, before meals.

The wafers consist of a number of different fibers (including oak, apple and other natural fibers) that help to absorb and trap fat from your food – so the fat can be expelled from your body.*

More important though is the glucomanin fiber. When hydrated with water, the glucomanin fiber expands in the stomach, making you feel fuller faster – and so really helps curb your appetite in a natural way. Studies involving glucomanin show that it can also aid in cholesterol reduction, stabilize blood sugar levels and help clean the colon.*

2. Thinnergize™ capsules, to boost your metabolism:

Taken twice daily, the Thinnergize™ capsules are designed to increase your metabolism and help you burn off calories.

They use a thermogenic effect which increase your body temperature slightly and boost your metabolic rate. This also can give you an energy boost (without caffeine).*

The Thinnergize™ capsules also contain a green tea leaf extract and the well-known herbal supplement hoodia gordonii, which can help weight reduction by curbing your appetite.*

3. Chews to Lose™ gum, to suppress your cravings:

A common problem experienced by dieters is food cravings.

With most diets, what often happens after 2 or 3 weeks is an almost irresistible craving for sweet and sugary foods. You then tell yourself you’ll have just one of those chocolate chip cookies – and that leads to a second cookie, and then a third. And before you know it, you’ve gobbled down eight cookies and have a major sugar hangover and several pounds of guilt – and you abandon your diet.

Well the final part of the WaferThin™ weight reduction program - the Chews to Lose™ gum – is especially designed to solve the “cravings” problem.

Chews to Lose™ gum contains the herb gymnema. You chew the gum for just 90 seconds, during which time the gymnema coats and then blocks your tongue’s sugar receptors.*

The result? Any sweet food you try to eat after chewing the Chews to Lose™ gum will taste very bitter and you won’t want to eat it. Your craving is gone.

But you don’t have to abandon sweets completely. What you can do is allow yourself a bite or two of that ice cream or dessert – or a couple of sips of your favorite soda - and then chew the gum. Your craving disappears, but you aren’t deprived of those ‘goodies’. Some people have found it even works with cheeseburgers!

PRICING: The complete WaferThin System is just $89.95 (or just $79.95/month if you order it on the monthly Order Assurance Program, where you receive the products every month automatically and can cancel at any time). You can also purchase the 3 components of the WaferThin System individually. Just click on the Buy Button for more pricing information.

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The Bottom Line:

What a great way to lose weight.

The WaferThin™ weight reduction program is a very easy to use weight loss system, which you’ll find very easy to stick to as the pounds fall away.

The system is very flexible. For example:

  • If you are already on another weight loss program, you can integrate the WaferThin™ system with the other program. It will help ensure that you don’t reach a ‘plateau’ in that program, get discouraged and then quit it.
  • After you have achieved your target weight, you can use the WaferThin™ weight reduction program to maintain your ideal weight (for instance, by eating the wafers before dinner to curb your appetite).
  • The system can help you kill those ‘fast food’ cravings.
  • If you do on occasion break down and binge on your favorite fattening foods (and who doesn’t?), you can use the program too quickly get you back on track and shed any excess pounds.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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